Cool Shop Names

  1. My fave is a window cleaning company in Surrey called Spruce Springclean
  2. There's a firm from Hastings which supplies concrete which is called William The Concreter
  3. There was a telemarketing company that I worked with once called The Heroes of Telemart.
  4. There is an off-licence and general dealers in Heaton, Newcastle called Heaton Drink
  5. In Stoke there is a barbers called Alias Quiff & Combs
  6. A sandwich shop in Macclesfield called Nosh & Breks (perhaps not so obvious now they're in Spain).
  7. A chippy in Repton, Derbyshire called "Good buy Mr Chips" - especially apt as the original film was set in Repton.
  8. There's a restaurant in Montreal, specialising in omelettes and the like, called Plančte Oeuf.
  9. I'm always amused by a hairdressers in Sheffield named Hair Force One.
  10. Get Stuffed in Islington - a taxidermists, of course. Added bonus is the 6ft angry bear in the window.
  11. There's a DIY shop in Teignmouth, Devon, called Fork Handles (or was that Four Candles?)
  12. One of our driving schools is called Carkey & Clutch.
  13. My all-time favourite shop name was a bakery in New Cross called Knead The Dough.
  14. There's a tattoo parlour here called Scarred For Life.
  15. Two great names : an Indian Restaurant called Balti Towers and (surprise surprise) a hairdressers called Julia's Scissors.
  16. There's a fish and chip shop in Bristol called The Cod Almighty.
  17. There's a chain of kebab shops in Dublin called Abrakebabra which I find highly amusing.
  18. I've also heard there was a hair dresser in Derby named Curl Up and Dye.
  19. There's a locksmiths in Wandsworth called Sure Lock Homes.
  20. A Scottish chum of mine told me there's a baby clothing shop in Glasgow called Wee 'uns World.
  21. An optometrist here calls his business For Eyes.
  22. There are a couple of chippies in Cardiff called The Cod Father and The Fryer Tuck and a cafe called the Tuck Inn.
  23. I saw a sports shop in Crete aptly named "Athlete's Foot"...
  24. My personal favourite is a hardware/DIY shop called S&M Supplies. I'm sure they must have had a few interesting phone calls.
  25. I once had dealings with a firm of solicitors called Wright Hassall.
  26. There's a local lingerie retailer here called Booby Trap.
  27. I bought some great menswear in a fabulous shop in Auckland by the name of Brick Shirt House.
  28. I saw a farm in New Zealand that traded under the name of The Star Sheep Enterprise.

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